Consider Again is a blog by Daniel Huizinga devoted to encouraging critical thinking. It features an archive of all of my published articles, including profiles on successful entrepreneurs / small businesses as well as op-eds on current events. Rather than taking articles and opinions at face value, I challenge you to think a little deeper. Being able to know why you agree or disagree with an opinion is one of the most important life skills. Consider again your motivations and reasons behind every decision you make and belief you hold, so that you may adequately defend it when the time comes.

If you disagree with an article, please comment or shoot me a note! If you have valid facts and arguments, do not be afraid to share your reasoning. In doing so, you are exemplifying the value of critical thinking.

To contact me, please click here. I have also contributed more than 200 articles to a variety of sites, including Washington Times Communities, the Daily Caller, the Heritage Foundation, Red Alert PoliticsRedStateTheCollegeConservative, PolicyMicIntercollegiate Review, the Baylor Lariat, Opportunity Lives, NewBostonPost, the AEI Values and Capitalism blog and others. I have been featured on MSNBC and won a Gold Circle Award from the Columbia Scholastic Press Association, the 2013 Columnist of the Year award from Turning Point USA, and 3rd place in the Jeff Zaslow College Columnist Contest sponsored by the National Society of Newspaper Columnists.

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