Startup helps new moms everywhere

november-sample-box-spilledBecoming a mom can be an overwhelmingly stressful experience. There’s a whole host of books and websites dedicated to giving advice and advertising products, sometimes at the same time.
So how do you know what to buy, and how do you know what’s really good for your new baby?
That’s where Bump Boxes comes in.
The new company was founded by Christine Deehring while pregnant with her first daughter in 2013. “I had done research on harmful chemicals found in everyday products and their effect on your growing little bump, and it was scary!” Deehring told Opportunity Lives. “I wanted to give my daughter the best possible start and realized how hard it is to truly do that with everyday products on the shelves.”
Since then, Christine and her husband Leland have turned their idea into a solid, sustainable business. From soaps and lotions to toys for the new baby, Bump Boxes does the research to make sure the products they choose do not contain any harmful chemicals – giving moms one less thing to worry about.
Bump Boxes offers several different subscription choices, ranging from $10/month for a box of free product samples each month to a premium $39.99/month subscription with customized products depending on the due date of the baby. The premium subscription includes full-sized essentials for during pregnancy and after the new baby is born.
Thanks to the power of word of mouth among new mothers, Bump Boxes took off quickly. “We grew so fast over the course of 3 months that we ran out of warehouse space…which is a great challenge to overcome so early in our company!” said Deehring.
Because the Deehrings were funding the business with their own money from the start, they had to work extremely hard to keep growing. But their work paid off, and word has continued to spread about the new company. With traditional advertising channels dominated by large companies, social media is one of the primary tools Bump Boxes uses to provide exceptional customer service and connect with new customers.
The Bump Boxes website is also a great resource for new moms, with a blog featuring articles and advice on every step of the pregnancy process.
Above all, Deehring understands the importance of delivering a good product and focusing on the customer. “If we become the best in the business, moms will hear about us from other happy customers,” she said. That’s certainly been the case so far.
Being an entrepreneur is not an easy journey, especially while being a new mom. “People will tell you no…a lot!” said Deehring. But her advice to others facing similar problems is key: “Don’t let it discourage you and keep moving forward.”