MiaBella creates affordable balsamic



It was the best balsamic I had ever tasted. That was my reaction after trying MiaBella’s traditional balsamic vinegar, a relatively new product that has recently taken off.

“Our goal as a company is to educate the consumer market about how traditional foods such as balsamic and olive oil should actually taste and be utilized,” said Payton LaCivita, the director of business development and partner for MiaBella.

LaCivita said the company began after recognizing that there was a significant opportunity in the market for affordable traditional balsamic vinegar. Compared to the cheap balsamic vinegar you can buy at the grocery store, traditional balsamic must be aged for at least 12 years and is much thicker, with a richer, more complex taste.

MiaBella sells for $40 a bottle, which is quite the deal compared to other bottles of traditional balsamic that sell for hundreds of dollars per bottle. As a result, MiaBella has quickly risen to hold the #1 Best Seller spot in “Balsamic Vinegars” on Amazon, with an average review of five stars.

According to LaCivita, MiaBella has completed roughly 10 batches of 1,000 bottles each. Each bottle is numbered and individually signed. “It makes each hand packed bottle unique and different than the one you had before,” he said.

The biggest challenge, understandably, was finding the right suppliers. Traditional balsamic must be made with very specific ingredients, and compromising quality is the worst mistake to make. MiaBella is made with 100% Trebbiano grapes aged in Modena, Italy, and it took years to find the right suppliers around the world for each ingredient and piece of packaging.

“Working with the right people that believe in the product, as much as you believe in it, is vital to finding a solution to the issues and ultimately leading to your company’s success,” said LaCivita. “This may seem difficult because it is, but your customers will notice the attention to detail and become a fan for life.”

MiaBella is looking to expand on its success by adding to its catalog within the next year or two. The company is looking to be more than a one-hit wonder. “MiaBella is a brand created to introduce an authentic and quality food experience that is pure, natural, and without compromise,” said LaCivita.

The key to success with any product, said LaCivita, is to know online marketing and traditional sales channels. “Know the physical locations where your product is in demand as well as you would know what Reddit threads they post on,” he said. Knowing your customers and finding ways to continually impress them is the key to success.

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