The Uber of house cleaning



Technology is disrupting the way we go about our daily lives, and three entrepreneurs are using it to bring local services into the 21st century.

Need your house cleaned but don’t have time? Hux lets you book a cleaner right from their website with upfront prices and clear expectations for what the cleaning includes (there are three levels: light, full, and deep clean).

The company began in college, when founder Stanley Vergilis tutored high school students and co-founder James Loper worked as an independent computer repair technician. Both were frustrated by how difficult it was to find new customers and schedule appointments, and they decided this was a problem they could fix. “After a particularly passionate conversation at Taco Bell, we shook hands, dropped out of college and started building Hux,” said Vergilis. After meeting co-founder AJ Alix a few months later, the three got to work launching their company.

Essentially, Hux serves as a connection between customers and independent service providers. Customers can browse a list of providers, including reviews from other customers, and leave feedback once the cleaning is done. Gone is the ambiguity of a cleaning company with simply a phone number – in its place is a streamlined website with easy scheduling options.

Hux also conducts background checks and in-person interviews to ensure quality cleanings. All providers bring their own cleaning supplies and are bonded and insured.

This model benefits local service providers too. According to Vergilis, service providers working for Hux make twice as much as they do with traditional companies. A recent press release said that some providers make up to $3,500 per month from Hux bookings.

Vergilis said that it took time and a lot of hard work to get the company off the ground but that the progress in recent months has been astounding. “It took about 6 months of consistent talks with both of our customers before we really started to figure out our model,” he said. “Then growth started to accelerate.”

Hux has served thousands of customers so far, with half in just the last three months. According to the website, Hux will soon include more services than cleaning – offering providers for moving, painting, plumbing, flooring, windows, and lights. Soon it could be known as the hub for customers to find the best local providers. Already, Hux is rated with 5 stars on Yelp.

For now, Hux is confined to the Atlanta area, but Vergilis said the company is looking to expand into new geographies. Coupled with that growth effort will be a complete redesign of the Hux website. “You’ll see new features like rescheduling, tipping and easy set up of recurring wrapped up in a fresh new design,” said Vergilis. “Providers will have even more control over their schedules, payment and online reputation.”

It’s been quite the ride for the three co-founders, and Vergilis stresses the importance of jumping in and pursuing your dream. “The best way to start a company is to… start a company,” he said. “If you have a concrete idea then get started and prove that your idea is something customers love.”

Published on Opportunity Lives