Whiskey Barrel Coffee – just like it sounds

(Whiskey Barrel Coffee)

(Whiskey Barrel Coffee)

There’s a new brand of coffee in town, and it’s like nothing you’ve ever had before.

Whiskey Barrel Coffee started experimenting with soaking coffee beans in empty whiskey barrels in 2011. “I enjoy coffee in the evening as well as great bourbon, and I believed that their smoky and caramel characteristics would be amazing together,” Tal Fishman, founder and owner of Whiskey Barrel Coffee, told Opportunity Lives.

It took a long time to find the right beans that would complement the whiskey taste, but Fishman and his team finally found them – the top 2 percent of a crop from a farm in Brazil. The beans are aged in high quality bourbon barrels, small batch roasted by hand in Colorado, then carefully packaged into large bottles.

The company has done well so far, selling thousands of bottles of the coffee around the world. Even though each bottle costs $50, Fishman said the price is not prohibitive. Loyal customers recognize the unique nature of the coffee.

One of the biggest challenges, Fishman said, was building the Whiskey Barrel brand. In order to build and retain a customer base, it’s important to prioritize high quality. “We only use the finest quality and never cut corners,” said Fishman. Because the coffee is grown at a specific farm and screened to make sure every batch meets the company’s standards, each cup of coffee maintains the same unique taste.

The growth of Whiskey Barrel Coffee has been exciting, making waves in the industry. Other companies are now trying to develop their own “barrel aged coffee” products. “What started out as an experiment has led an entire coffee industry to jump on the bandwagon to try and replicate what we have done,” said Fishman.

According to Fishman, Whiskey Barrel is trying to distinguish itself from these other companies by focusing on an unwavering commitment to quality and a stellar presentation. There is undoubtedly more to come from Whiskey Barrel Coffee. For now, you can buy bottles of dark roast, light roast, and decaf as well as a bag of Angel’s Share (which blends the whiskey aged coffee with the company’s classic line.)

Fishman said that one of the most important things in entrepreneurship is to find an idea that you love and to not let people deter you from achieving success. “Always remember that you don’t choose your passion, your passion has already chosen you,” he said.

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