Pakible makes packaging beautiful, easy



A new company called Pakible is making other entrepreneurs’ lives easier – just by streamlining their packaging.

Typically, making packaging for your new products is a very difficult process, said Nick Carson, CEO and co-founder of Pakible. “You have to call up 10-20 different manufacturers and find out whether they can produce what you need, and then you have to go through several iterations of quoting, art approval, proofing, price negotiations and then finally maybe 3 months later your packaging will actually get produced,” Carson told Opportunity Lives.

While Carson was working at another startup and dealing with this frustrating process, he realized that he could make it better.

Designing and ordering packaging from Pakible is incredibly easy. Right from the website homepage, you can choose the color, design, logo, text, and size of your boxes. The more units you order, the cheaper each box is – but the company is also running a 10 for $10 deal on your first order so that you can test out the boxes before placing a large order.

The Pakible boxes really stand out compared to everyday packaging, and they help give startups a distinctive brand. Already, over 850 different companies order packaging from Pakible.

Carson said one of the biggest challenges of building the company was dealing with such high demand at the initial launch. The Pakible team had to decide on several preset shapes and sizes that would satisfy customers so that they could choose from options on the homepage. “We know people don’t have time or the expertise to know all the details of what their packaging needs, so the options we provide are already thought out in advance and provided as a instant solution to them,” said Carson.

As a result, startups can order hundreds of beautiful boxes with just a few clicks. No more worrying about print plates, dielines, or packaging material.

Finding the right manufacturing partner was also a big hurdle. “We had to conduct an exhaustive search around the country to find the right manufacturing partners to produce for us and avoid all the brokers and middlemen that bloat and slow down this industry,” said Carson. The hard work paid off though, and the team successfully found what Carson describes as “fantastic manufacturing partners.”

In the future, Pakible is increasing the packaging options for customers, including adding poly bag mailers – an important item for apparel companies. “We’ll be adding a new packaging option to the site every 2 weeks based on feedback from our clients,” said Carson. The company is also working on integrating Pakible with marketplace websites like Shopify or Etsy to make it even easier for sellers to get custom packaging.

Carson said working for a small startup is a great way to better understand how businesses work. “Learn everything you can from them, learn about real problems that companies and people face,” he said. And if it doesn’t work out, don’t get discouraged. “You shouldn’t be afraid to fail, so long as you have the perseverance to keep at it and trying again, and again, and again.”

Published on Opportunity Lives