Soothe provides on-demand massages



Stressed after work? A new startup gives you a way to order an on-demand massage from the comfort of your own home.

Soothe has developed an innovative app that makes massages more convenient, relaxing, and professional. It’s simple – you only need to pull out your phone, request a massage at your location, and a certified, licensed therapist can come in as little as an hour!

“The spa industry as it exists now is outdated and inefficient,” said Merlin Kauffman, the founder and CEO of Soothe. The company eliminates the scheduling and travel difficulties that come with a typical spa. “Our concept enabled by technology takes relaxation to a whole new level for our clients,” Kauffman told Opportunity Lives.

Soothe verifies the credentials of each therapist to make sure they give high-quality, professional massages, so that customers can trust the person coming to their home. Each therapist brings the massage table and bedding (though you are able to use your own if you prefer) so that customers do not have to worry about any setup.

A one-hour massage costs just $99. If customers prefer to schedule an appointment in advance rather than requesting an on-demand appointment, the app allows them to do that as well.

Soothe is also good for therapists, said Kauffman. By removing the expenses associated with a brick-and-mortar spa, Soothe can pay therapists more for their time. “Soothe enables massage therapists to earn a fair wage, while providing clients with a luxurious experience.” said Kauffman.

Currently, Soothe offers four types of massages: deep tissue, Swedish, sports, and couples. Customers love it – Soothe has already delivered tens of thousands of massages.

The biggest challenge, said Kauffman, has been balancing growth with the commitment to quality. Right now, Soothe is only available in 10 major U.S. markets. When Soothe expands to a new city, the first step is recruiting qualified therapists. “This recruiting process is how we vet our therapists and can guarantee an extraordinary massage with Soothe, so we don’t take short cuts here,” said Kauffman.

Soothe plans to be in all major U.S. cities and even some international markets within the next few years, while maintaining the top-notch quality of massages and improving the mobile interface.

Whenever Soothe comes into a new city, Kauffman said the demand from customers is astounding. Word of mouth is one of the best publicity tools, and Soothe uses a referral program that gives existing customers credits for referring their friends. “The incredible thing is once someone tries Soothe they quickly realize the benefits of an in home treatment and many become regular clients,” said Kauffman.

Kauffman has a lot of advice for other entrepreneurs, but perhaps the most important? “Love what you do. Being an entrepreneur is too much work and too hard to do unless you truly love it.”