The modern way to do laundry



It’s a dream come true for people who hate doing laundry.

Quickly earning a reputation as the “Uber for laundry,” Washio is a new service that allows customers to request pickup of their dirty clothes right from their home. The company handles both standard laundry and dry cleaning (at separate facilities) and returns the clean clothes within 24 hours.

This service is especially useful to urban professionals, who often don’t have the time to bring their clothes to a dry cleaners or wait in line for a shared laundry room in their apartment complex.

Jordan Metzner, the founder and CEO of Washio, told Opportunity Lives that Uber was part of the inspiration for Washio. “I realized that that model could work in other industries and I got to work creating Washio,” he said. “I hated doing my laundry and my dirty clothes would always pile up.”

Evidently, many other people share Metzner’s distaste for doing laundry. The company already has thousands of customers in Washington DC, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Oakland, Boston and Chicago. Washio is hoping to expand to other cities soon, said Metzner.

One of the biggest challenges in creating Washio was developing and perfecting the technology, said Metzner. The company used to only allow scheduled pickups, but the app now allows on-demand pickups. With one click of a button, a customer can call a Washio “ninja” to their house to pick up their clothes within 30 minutes.
The constantly changing pickup and drop-off locations pose quite a challenge for coordinating the drivers’ routes. But Metzner told TechCrunch that the new system tells drivers only their next stop, rather than an entire list of stops. This makes it easier for drivers to navigate and increases their efficiency.
Metzner is excited for the future of Washio. “People around the country are embracing our service and allowing our technology to make their lives easier,” he said. “We offer a convenient and cost-competitive service that empowers people to get their personal time back and to pursue things that they truly love.”
How does someone become a good entrepreneur? Metzner says you need to “Consider your idea from all angles. Do your homework and make sure your business is viable. If so, then pursue it with passion.”
Clearly, his strategy has worked for Washio.