A 15-year-old changing the world

Suresh Sookoo, Former CEO, RBC Financial (Caribbean) Ltd, left, chats with 15-year-old Warren Cassell of Montserrat.

Suresh Sookoo, Former CEO, RBC Financial (Caribbean) Ltd, left, chats with 15-year-old Warren Cassell of Montserrat

Warren Cassell, Jr. isn’t your average fifteen-year-old. He has already written several books, started several companies, and given lectures around the world.

“I was always different,” Cassell told Opportunity Lives. “For some reason, I was just attached to the idea of making deals and doing business.”

Cassell began his first company when he was eight years old. With an initial influx of capital from his parents, Emerald Greeting Cards was born.

Though his parents helped him by delivering the cards and helping with design advice, Cassell did most of the work himself. He said the key was to set high goals and keep striving to achieve them. People will notice when you have value, said Cassell, and you will make money if you can effectively solve a problem.

Cassell went on to create several other companies, including a web-hosting service, and was named 2013 “Entrepreneur of the Year” by Caribbean Journal. He currently lives in Montserrat, a British territory in the Caribbean, but was born in the US.

In his free time, Cassell writes inspirational books, contributes articles to Entrepreneur magazine, and travels to give lectures to other young people. His main advice? “Think ridiculously.” Cassell’s message is that you can do anything you set your mind to, and he encourages young people to create their own opportunities wherever they can.

Now, Cassell (still fifteen years old) is starting to invest in the market. He created his own investment company, The Abella Group, where he discusses the reasons for investing in the companies he chooses. “By deploying your money into businesses, you allow your capital to be working in the marketplace every day,” he said.

To other entrepreneurs, Cassell advocates a balance of structure and imagination. “Stick to your framework, and make decisions based on your goals and not your ever-changing emotions. Most importantly, think ridiculously,” he said.

With the impressive accomplishments he’s had in only 15 years, there is no doubt that Cassell is maximizing his potential. With an impressive set of goals for the future, he never stops trying to get others to share his drive for success. “I want to continue inspiring others to reach their true potential,” he said.

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