In defense of the online ticketing system

IMG_6840The online ticketing system for football games may not be perfect, but it is considerably better than last year’s alternative. In Julia Eckhardt’s Lariat op-ed (“Ticket process needs changes,” September 9, 2014), she argues that some changes should be made to the system.

I agree that there could be improvements, but I am confused about why Eckhardt thinks “waiting in [the ticket] line was infinitely better than the new ticket distribution system.”

Personally, I think the online system is much more efficient. For the first game of the year, 8,750 student tickets were distributed within an hour of the online start time. For last weekend’s game against Northwestern State, 8,300 tickets were distributed in 45 minutes!

Imagine 8,300 people waiting in line at the SUB. If it took only 5 seconds per student to give out a paper ticket (a pretty optimistic assumption), it would take over 11.5 hours of total waiting time. By comparison, 45 minutes doesn’t look too bad.

Eckhardt also mentions that students who have prior commitments during the 5pm Sunday time are disadvantaged by the system. Though this may be true, it’s an easy problem to solve – just have a friend get your ticket for you! Waiting in line for two hours (as I remember doing for the Texas game last year) is a larger and more stressful time commitment.

According to Dr. Kevin Jackson, Baylor’s Vice President for Student Life, “The ticketing system allowed us to receive and redistribute ticket returns which meant that we were able to accommodate every student who checked back in with us seeking a ticket.”

Sure, there were some technological problems with the site. But every student who made an effort to get a ticket was able to get one? That’s pretty impressive.