CPAC STL: Santorum’s New Republican Strategy

(Photo / Lance LeGrand)

(Photo / Lance LeGrand)

As always, CPAC St. Louis abounds with advice and prescriptions for the future of the Republican Party. Rick Santorum, former senator, was no exception.

“We have to get better as conservatives at telling stories,” he said. For Santorum, this suggestion reflects his own decision this summer to become the CEO of EchoLight Studios, a Christian film company. After spending the morning advertising their new film, The Christmas Candle, Santorum took the stage to offer thoughts on the future for the party based on his experience in government.

He describes how Republican and Democrat senators in Congress can be distinguished by their style of debate and presentation. “[Republicans] tell the American public that we are right, and we prove it to them by numbers, factors and figures. [Democrats] tell the American public they understand, they relate, and they care.”

It is this distinction, he argued, that makes it so difficult to market conservative positions. After all “song lyrics” are easier to remember than “Heritage Foundation talking points,” he says. We need to frame our policies not in opposition or outrage, but in true concern and respect for our great country.

However, this doesn’t mean Republicans should sacrifice their principles. “Jesus never compromised on what was right – but he told people stories so they could understand it,” Santorum argued.

Engaging in the culture, community, and the church are the key first steps, according to Santorum. Don’t separate yourself from people who don’t agree. Effective storytelling is the key to making the Republican positions marketable.

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  1. I was fortunate enough to meet and talk to Mr. Santorum several times and he is one of the few people that I have met that has what I think is a true understanding of what being a good Christian is. Being a Christian is not being an un- bending oak of rules and you either agree with me or you’re wrong, it is understanding that it is our duty to lead people down what we believe is the right path for all to prosper in every way but also understanding that God gave every one of us free will to choose who we will follow in our search for prosperity while here on earth!

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