CPAC St. Louis Draws Faithful

Photo / Lance Legrand

Photo / Lance Legrand

It’s the last thing most Americans care about. But still, a group of the faithful made the trek to St. Louis this weekend for the Conservative Political Action Conference.

Compared to the CPAC conference in Washington last March, the St. Louis event is notably more low-key. Gone is most of the media buzz and the attendees in costumes.

The event’s schedule has been modified several times, likely owing to the sudden Defund Obamacare and budget resolution crisis in Congress. Most representatives and senators that were invited now find themselves tied up in a battle that’s taking the country by storm. In the words of Sen. Mike Lee, R-Utah, it’s been an “interesting week” in Washington.

And yet, “we are here to win,” said Grover Norquist, president of Americans for Tax Reform. “Never let them tell us to compromise when they mean ‘please lose.'” The sentiment of perseverance in spite of difficulty is a common theme in a conference of conservatives stung by recent electoral losses and shrinking political support. Republicans who vote to raise taxes are “ratheads in a Coke bottle,” said Norquist, while Democrats are “teenage boys on a prom date – they keep asking for the same thing in different ways.”

On healthcare, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid recently claimed that those who support the Defund efforts are “weird” and need to “get a life.”

Those comments were referenced multiple times this morning, as Sen. Lee (who aided Cruz in his efforts) argued we need to send a message to Washington: “Not on our watch, not under our Constitution, not on your life.

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